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Since fall 2007, the life science studies at the University of Vienna have switched to a Bachelor/Master system. 


All admission procedures at the University of Vienna are handled by the central administration of the University. Most of the rules concerning admission are independent of the field of study. Information on the admission procedures can be found on the web pages of the university. A good starting point is:


For the Bachelor and Master program, a proof of proficiency in German is required in the admission procedure. If you are a citizen from an EU or EEC membership country you need to provide a proof of your german language abilties at the time of application .Applicants from Non EU or Non EEC countries need not do so, however Admissions Office will write that you need to do a supplementary examination of German and you will be temporarily registered and admitted until you pass this suplementary examination.
For further information please check out this site:

Student point

For the doctoral program, proficiency in German is definitely not requiered.

Doctoral programme

For admission to the doctoral programme it has to be checked whether the studies the applicant has completed so far can be considered as equivalent to an Austrian diploma or Master study for the purpose of the doctoral study.  This is checked by the SPL. Although it is not formally required, it may be helpful for this procedure to contact a potential supervisor in advance. Knowledge of German is not required for the doctoral programme. There are few formal rules for the doctoral program, the main issue is preparation of a thesis, so the choice of the supervisor is essential. Information on grants from the University of Vienna and from other sources can be found at http://doktorat.univie.ac.at/en/home/.


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